We would like to reassure our staff members and our clients that we have a robust CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) BUSINESS CONTINUITY PLAN - DGSS196 that will be implemented in line with guidance from the UK Government.

Our priority is to ensure the safety of our customers and colleagues, while managing the risk from the potential spread of the virus. As a business we have therefore decided to take the following steps:

• Attendance at external events, including hospitality, is cancelled

• Staff members will avoid travel that is not business critical

• Only essential face-to-face meetings will take place. All others will be postponed or conducted via telephone or via digital media (Skype etc.)

• Staff have been identified to work remotely so that we may free up space within our offices and maintain a distance of more than the recommended 2 metres between workstations for colleagues whose roles are not compatible with home working.

• Provisions have been put in place to enable all business critical members of staff to work from home should the need arise

• We will, where possible, change the taps in our office bathrooms to facilitate and encourage good hand hygiene

We are constantly monitoring our staffing levels: in the event of a significant shortfall due to illness or self-isolation, we will work with our customers to assess the impact on site specific requirements. We are exposed to the robustness of our critical suppliers, but we are in constant communication to ensure there is no interruption in their services. We have requested immediate notification of any material interruption to supply and remain in constant dialogue with them.

We are constantly monitoring updates from the UK Government and Public Health England and we will remain vigilant and flexible to manage a dynamic situation so that we may protect our colleagues and customers to the best of our ability.

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