Gender Pay Gap Report

As an employer with over 250 employees, Dodd Group (Midlands) Ltd presents its first Gender Pay Gap Report. The information provided is based upon data as at 5th April 2017.

Pay and bonus gap Mean Median
Pay gap 42.0% 46.6%
Bonus pay gap 87.4% 66.3%

Pay quartiles Male Female
Upper 99% 1%
Upper Middle 96% 4%
Lower Middle 93% 7%
Lower 41% 59%

Proportion of staff receiving a bonus
Male 7%
Female 5%

We work within the construction industry, a traditionally male dominated sector where the majority of the workforce is made up of onsite trades and engineers, which is also the background of much of our senior management team. Currently this means that women represent a smaller proportion of our workforce and they are predominantly employed in clerical and administrative roles. This gender imbalance is the reason for our gender pay gap.

Dodd Group is committed to working with our industry to change this imbalance and is passionate about providing a fulfilling, diverse and inclusive place to work, with equality and fairness remaining at the heart of our business. We strive to encourage women to join all areas of our company to achieve a better gender representation within our workforce.

We are confident that we pay men and women equally in equivalent job roles across the business.

I confirm that these calculations are accurate, and that they comply with statutory requirements.

John Kavanagh
Group Managing Director

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