Alliance Medical Cyclotron and GM Cleanroom Facility

Alliance Medical Cyclotron and GM Cleanroom Facility

The project comprises of  modifications to existing mechanical and electrical services to allow the re-commissioning of an existing cyclotron and GM cleanroom facility and installation of a new additional cyclotron unit.

The existing building had been left empty for 5 years and as part of the initial process Dodd Group carried out intrusive dilapidation surveys to establish the condition of any existing equipment and services that were to be reused. This bespoke facility will house a TR24 cyclotron – a particle accelerator used to produce radioactive isotope.

This includes products radiolabelled with 18F for products such as Fludeoxyglucose which is used as a radioactive tracer for cancer diagnosis in Positron Emission Tomography (PET) medical imaging scan units. This revolutionary diagnosis method may detect the early onset of disease before it is evident on any other imaging tests

TR-24 cyclotron will greatly increase Alliance Medical's FDG production capacity and will give them the ability to produce a wide range of other radionuclides for a variety of diagnostic imaging procedures.  ACSI is proud to be partnering with another major radionuclide manufacturer and believes that the addition of the TR-24 to Alliance Medical's infrastructure will significantly improve their radionuclide production capabilities. 

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