Wolverhampton Civic Centre Car Park

Wolverhampton Civic Centre Car Park

Refurbishment of the underground car park below the Council Offices at the Wolverhampton Civic Centre.

Works included the isolations, disconnections and removal of the existing small power, lighting, fire alarm, CCTV and sprinkler system along with all other redundant services which were then replaced by more modern, energy efficient alternatives that meet the current regulations and standards.

In addition, a 'state-of-the-art' Cathodic Protection system has been installed which applies a small electrical charge to the reinforcement bars within the floor slabs to stop them corroding over time and damaging the concrete

The new lighting system is a 'smart', fully addressable system which allows individual programming of each fitting. Each fitting also comprises photocells and passive infra-red (PIR) detectors so that lights come on in 'banks' when movement is sensed and the dim to achieve the required lighting levels when considering natural daylighting. After a set period of time when no movement has been sensed, the lights dim to a minimal level prior to going off until required again.

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