Employees of the Month August 22

Employees of the Month August 22

We are pleased to announce August winner's for Employee of the Month: Property Care – Sharon Morris and Projects and Group – Liam Trainer

Property Care – Sharon Morris

Sharon was nominated by both Mark Marriott and James Kirby for her work on the ExtraCare contract. Sharon has been instrumental in the mobilisation of the ExtraCare contract, taking over 1500 calls in three months. Being the sole contract support member of staff, this meant that the sheer volume of calls was intensive. Not only did Sharon manage to control the volume of calls, she organised the routine maintenance and engaged effectively with the subcontractors.

Sharon's work ethic is impressive and is an excellent role model. Thank you for all your hard work and huge contribution the company.

Projects and Group – Liam Trainor

Liam was nominated by Mary-Anne Clayton for displaying extraordinary resilience and tenacity. Liam dealt with several an unsettled period within the department with several changes in personnel, and continued to provide excellent administration support for the team. In addition, the team Liam works in suffered from a wave of COVID 19 related illnesses resulting in two long term sicknesses. Liam was able to hit the role running, supporting the team in a very busy period.

Liam retained a positive outlook and pleasant demeanour throughout this challenging period, receiving a lot of compliments from the engineers. 

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