National Apprenticeship Week

National Apprenticeship Week

A new survey suggests that significant proportions of parents have concerns about apprenticeships, from potential pay to career opportunities.

Matt Clarke, Regional Director, interviewed Daniel Palmer, a Trainee Project Engineer, to understand his views on Apprenticeships to try to help people see beyond the stereotypes:

Why did you choose an apprenticeship?

I felt that an apprenticeship suited my learning style with its practical elements alongside day-release college rather than a full time academic environment. It was important to me that I had a job whilst learning, it felt like the smart thing to do. With UNI there was no guarantee of a job or getting into a job, alongside the fact that an apprenticeship has given me consistent guidance and support whilst learning.

Do you feel that apprenticeships are underrepresented in schools?

Yes. The only real "into work" schemes I was made aware of was to join the Army or Navy; which I didn't want to do. There was never the consideration given to going into an Apprenticeship rather than into college or UNI, I was encouraged to follow an ideal academic route but without a pathway to achieve it, it felt false. I would have done an Apprenticeship earlier had I known more about the options at the time.

What advice would give to people looking for an apprenticeship?

Find something which gives you an onward route through your life. The more unsure you are of what to do, the more broad your apprenticeship opportunity should be. Look for roles with transferable skills and really commit to your decision.

What are your honest views about being part of Dodd Group as an apprentice?

I'm challenged every day, in a good way. It feels like I have a purpose here, the business culture is professional with the social aspects being an important part of the overall environment.

What I have learnt about myself through my apprenticeship with Dodd Group; - I am a kinaesthetic learner. - My social working style is Expressive, Yellow. - To self-reflect on my actions. - To trust myself and retain my confidence. - I am in more control of my life.

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