Information Security Policy

Dodd Group provides the facilities to operate our business with access to Telecommunications, Email, Business Systems, Storage & Security as defined in DGIT0018 – IT Scope of Registration.

We are committed to make every effort to meet all information security requirements that apply to Dodd Group and aim to achieve continual improvement in IT performance by:

· Monitoring internal and external IT issues and meeting the needs and expectations of interested parties.

· Setting annual IT objectives and reviewing performance.

· Monitoring and reviewing IT policies and procedures and auditing compliance to ensure standards are being maintained whilst highlighting potential areas for improvement.

· Further policies and procedures are contained within the management system to support the Information Security Policy.

· Ensuring all users handle information appropriately and in accordance with its classification level.

· Communicating with employees and others who have an interest in our IT policies, plans and performance.

· Assigning roles and responsibilities within the Dodd Group IT department for implementing, maintaining and improving the IT Management System.

· Training employees and promoting IT awareness and commitment.

· Ensuring compliance with current legislation and other requirements on IT matters relevant to our operations.

· Recording all IT document revision details on the Document Revision Register.

· Ensuring all observed or suspected information security weaknesses in systems or services and any breaches of this policy are reported to the IT department or regulatory body where appropriate.

As the Director with overall responsibility for Information Security within the Group, I will set a good personal example to others in complying with the duties laid upon me and will expect all employees to co-operate with the company in respect of this policy to ensure it is carried out.

Each Divisional Director is responsible to the Main Board of Directors for ensuring compliance with the Group's policy within their operating unit.

Martin Farmer

M. C. FARMER – Group QHSE Director

Date: 08th October 2023 Review Date: 08th October 2024

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