Over the last 5 years Dodd Group has managed 8,099 separate projects, worth a total of £15.9 million, across the UK from Inverness to Cornwall. Projects include:

A56 Testing (Nationwide)
Dodd Group carried out the A56 testing programme to approximately 250 operational Telephone Exchanges across the UK. Each project involved extensive coordination with BT to ensure there was no loss of live equipment during 100% testing of the building. Works included A56 testing and remedial works, Hevacomp design builds and thermal imaging.

LV Switchboards and Distribution Busbar (Scotland)
Liaising closely with the BT Project Team, Dodd Group carried out the design, installation, testing and commissioning of a new LV Distribution System, in connection with the installation of 2 new generators, within Inverness Macdhui Telephone Exchange in Scotland.
Works included the installation of 400V armoured cabling, a Mobile Connection Panel and 400V Copper Busbar systems, new essential and non-essential Pandelco switchboards and associated modifications to the existing LV Distribution to incorporate the new panels.

Installation of Generators to Telephone Exchanges (Northern Ireland)
Dodd Group was responsible for the removal of static generators ensuring all diesel fuel in existing tanks had been disposed of by licensed carriers, before taking samples of the surrounding earth to ensure leakage or contamination had not taken place. Once air inlet had been checked and approved, new static generators were then installed alongside bunded fuel tanks, fuel lines, change over panels and PEMP cabling.

Increase of Electrical Supply (Nationwide)
Dodd Group carried out the project management, design, installation, testing and commissioning of electrical supplies to approximately 300 Telephone Exchanges across the UK. Works included civil engineering in public and private roadways, builder's works, electrical cabling, containment, relocation of incoming supplies, new main switches, re-supplying the existing electrical distribution, installation of meters and the installation of LV and HV electrical transformers and earthing systems. Dodd Group managed the coordination of BT, the Distribution Network Operator and metering services to ensure changeovers to the new electrical supplies were carried out with the minimum amount of disruption.

12v - 48v DC Distribution Systems (Nationwide) Dodd Group designed, installed and commissioned over 400 12v - 48v DC Distribution Systems for BT Boarhunt, at various Virgin Media sites, over a 3 year period. Works varied significantly from installing additional MCB circuit breakers within existing DC distribution, recovery of existing redundant DC supplies and equipment, to the installation of primary and secondary containments from main distribution DC panels to equipment
Works also included the live changeover of DC main supply MCBs within main DC distribution panels, as well as the live changeovers from existing final connection DC cables to upgraded DC final connection cables.

LV Distribution and UPS Installation (Nationwide)
Dodd Group carried out the design, installation, testing and commissioning of new 200 Kva UPS systems for several data centres across the UK.
Works included positioning of the UPS system, battery cabinets, batteries, builder's work, all associated cabling and containment from the basement engine room to the new PDU's positioned in the new data centre. We liaised with the BT Project Team to agree cable routes, ensuring disruption and confined space working was kept to a minimum and any structural issues avoided.

Key Information:
• 22 year relationship with BT
• Completed 400 DC projects over a 3 year period for BT Boarhunt, within Virgin Media Sites
• Carried out A56 testing programme for 250 operational Telephone Exchanges

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