DFE Decarbonisation Pilot

DFE Decarbonisation Pilot

Dodd Group was selected by the Department for Education (DFE) for a flagship pilot scheme which will see schools benefit from new low carbon heating solutions, as well as improvements to the buildings fabric to make the school more thermal efficient, all procured through frameworks from Fusion21. The DFE contracted Dodd Group on a RIBA process to install Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP) at 3 primary schools in Bath, Roydon and Stotfold. The project is designed to utilise full heat technology to decarbonise the school estate, whilst reducing energy consumption and associated costs. Delivery is split into 2 phases:

• Phase 1 – RIBA stage 3-4 Design Surveys and Thermal Response Tests (TRTs)

• Phase 2 – Installation of closed loop GSHP systems, internal upgrades to heat emitters, pipework and hot water systems

Works included: 

  • Installation of replacement heating
  • Ground Source Boreholes
  • Create remote plant room with required power/pipework supply
  •  Installation of water heat pumps, thermal store, distribution pumps and controls
  • Distribution manifold, zone circulation pumps and outgoing circuit distribution
  • Upgraded heating pipework and emitters 
  • Install electrical main distribution panel and sub-mains distribution
  • Upgrade existing internal plant room
  • Replace existing radiators with low surface temperature type
  • New controls and systems monitoring
  • All associated internal/external building fabric works
  • Installation enhancements to improve efficiency

The pilot will provide a valuable opportunity to learn more about alternative greener heating solutions and to use the learnings to consider how this can be scaled up to accelerate decarbonisation in the future.

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