M2M Project

M2M Project

Anglian Water own a number of assets including water towers, water booster stations, water boreholes etc. which work together to ensure that all of their customers have a constant supply of clean fresh water. For years these assets have communicated to each other relaying water levels, water purity and customer demand requirements via hardwired phone lines. If they couldn’t communicate this would jeopardise the clean water supply and the assets would be operating ‘blind’ to the business. In the summer 2019 we were approached by Anglian Water to help them transition from the existing system to a new 4G GPRS modem network covering over 200 sites before the phone lines were disconnected from 1st April 2020. We started surveying the sites in October 2019 to firstly establish if any remedial work would be required so the new 4G modems would be able to connect to the phone networks and communicate to each other. Although our team is based in fairly flat Norfolk, the Anglian Water area extends from the Humber Bridge, down the A1, through Northamptonshire nearly into Oxfordshire then across the top of the M25 to the Dartford Crossing in Essex making it the UK’s largest Water Utility Company in terms of land area. There were many sites in low rural areas where 6m high high-gain antennas needed to be installed. The project was sucesfully completed on time despite numerous challenges, including a re-design and reconfiguration and the complexities of operating under the Covid-19 pandemic lock-down working conditions.

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