RAF Fairford

RAF Fairford

Hangar 1205 was constructed in order to service and maintain the B2 Stealth Bomber and in conjunction with Warings, Amec and Babtie, Dodd Group developed a MEP design to deliver the complex requirements of the establishment.

The project had to accommodate precise temperature control of the hangar for maintenance of the aircraft due to the different states in which it could land, either requiring cooling or heating, in order to ensure the outer shell of the aircraft was brought back to its normal temperature within a specific time period.

In order to achieve this temperature and humidity control a number of externally mounted Air Handling units, Chillers and Ice Stores were installed.

Alongside this, other elements of the project to meet the USAF and Defence Estates requirements included:

  1. Introduction of new HV Sub Station and modifications to existing sub stations on the site.
  2. Installation of temporary Hangar local to Gate 9.
  3. High Illumination lighting to Hangars Atex approved.
  4. 60Hz Power Frequency Convertors for USAF Equipment alongside UK standard Electrical supplies.
  5. Fire Detection Systems
  6. Sprinkler Systems
  7. Foam Generation System
  8. Compressed Air System.
  9. Traditional MEP Systems.
  10. Airfield Ground Lighting
  11. Obstruction Warning Lights & Emitters
  12. All earthing requirements.

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