Yardley Chase Cadet Centre

Yardley Chase Cadet Centre

Three new buildings provide a range of amenities such as lecture rooms, training areas, office spaces, an indoor 25mtr shooting range as well as dining facilities and sleeping accommodation for up to 185 cadets plus 45 adult volunteers at any one time.

Dodd Group designed, supplied, installed and commissioned the MEPH Services to DREAM 'Excellent' Requirements. The buildings consisted of New Electrical LV Infrastructure, Internal & External LED Lighting Scheme, Heating & Ventilation, General Power Services, Voice/ Data, PV and Life Safety Systems.

The indoor Rifle Range required significant detailed design to prevent glare from daylight and lighting when firing within the range. The indoor Rifle Range ventilation system comprised of Supplied Air introduced to the range from behind the firing positions via an air distribution wall system designed to generate a displacement flow at extremely low turbulence over the entire cross section of the firing range. Extracted air was therefore taken at the opposite end of the range, finely balanced for firing accuracy

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